About the Flambouro Philanthropic Society

The Flambouro Philanthropic Society of SA was established in 1957 from the first generation of immigrants to Australia. This society in Australia is the second village for all the immigrants and now their extended families. It is an extension of home and keeps alive traditions and friendships from our beloved village.

The Flambouro Philanthropic Society of SA is a charitable organisation. We donate proceeds from our functions to organisations such as The Women’s & Children’s Hospital and other emergency relief funds.

About Flambouro

The village of Flambouro is located in the north west corner of Greece, near the Albanian border. The history of Flambouro is one born from war. The Turk-Albanians destroyed the village of Moshopoli and surrounding settlements.

The ancestors of Flambouro wandered around many places in Ipiro and Macedonia before gradually assembling in the place today which is Flambouro. It is located in a lush green valley in the precinct of Florina. It is filled with white wash houses with terracotta roofs surrounded by magnificent green covered hills.

Flambouro and its people have seen many bad times and struggles through the Macedonian struggles, World War II and later the Civil War against communism. The people are always welcoming and friendly and will have you in the greatest of spirits from the first moment you arrive.

The events we hold include...

Cooking Classes