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The Flambouro Philanthropic Society is located less than 10 minutes from Glenelg Beach!

We Hold Events

We hold Greek dancing classes, cooking classes and dinner dances!

Flambouro School

The Flambouro Philanthropic Society of SA was established in 1957 from the first generation of immigrants to Australia. This society in Australia is the second village for all the immigrants and now their extended families. It is an extension of home and keeps alive traditions and friendships from our beloved village.

To create a society which is flourishing and embraces the philosophies of our forefathers who wished Flambouro Philanthropic society to be a strong and purposeful committee. We endeavour to encourage, embrace and fulfil the aims of creating a culturally rich association who embed the importance of keeping our wonderful traditions alive in Adelaide whilst keeping our community connected and productive.

Our vision is to ensure the Flambouro Philanthropic Society is a prosperous and traditionally inclusive organisation. Leading a variety of events, this society was created for the members to feel at home and connected with their culturally rich heritage.

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18 Fulton Street, Glenelg North SA 5045